InHouse Concepts specializes in the manufacture of steel and wooden staircases and installation of folding loft ladders.

InHouse Concepts are sure to consult with you in every way by designing you the most modern, stylish, and extremely personalized staircase, and it is placed in such a way that it blends in with your existing home to bring your uniqueness to your loft room.

Our interior staircase department has a fully equipped team of specialists who are really quality-driven; they make sure they put enough detail into manufacturing and installing your perfect staircase, giving you stylish access to your loft room.

InHouse Concepts acquires quality materials to create an exceptional design staircase, complementing or adding a special touch to your home.

  • We have made it our commitment to provide and install stunning staircases leading our clients to their extra loft room.
  • InHouse Concepts has seen an increase in demand for Modern staircases; people need extra room or store rooms in their houses.
  • InHouse Concepts can create and install various styles of staircases.

Storage Space in the attic is becoming a huge demand and many people simply need to clean the garages, or having memories kept safe, by installing a storage area.

InHouse Concepts can create, quickly and easily, a storage area in the attic in your home. A Folding Ladder is installed, which can be pulled down giving easy access to your storage area.

The folding ladders which are used for this purpose fit snugly into your ceiling, making them barely noticeable.

Allow us to transform your home, we guarantee complete timely satisfaction when the transformation process is complete.

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