InHouse Concepts

Building Regulations

Loft conversions need to be in line with national building regulations. Each homes regulation may differ according to your local municipal bylaws. Many people find the process of planning permission a headache; however this covers all new alterations or additions done to your home. It is in everyone’s interest to secure the correct planning permission before any work commences. We offer a hassle free conversion as our architects and structural engineers have vast experience in loft conversions and will assist in the initial planning, drawings and submitting of plans. Once we have the plans, we can commence with the project.

At InHouse Concepts all of our work complies with and often exceed the standards set down by engineers and your local building bylaws. For the entire duration of the project all work on your home is overseen by a project manager, ensuring high quality workmanship and adherence to approved plans.

If you wish to make additions or extensions that will affect the external appearance of your property you will need planning permission. Internal alterations do not usually require permission, although you do need planning permission if you want to convert your roof into more living space. Planning issues can be controversial and if you proceed without any required consents you may be required, at your own cost, to demolish or significantly alter any new development.

The local council will notify your neighbours and any other interested parties of the renovation that is being proposed. We recommend that you inform your immediate neighbours of any home renovations you have in mind while in the investigation phase of your project. Your application will be submitted by our architects andinspected by your local council. The council cannot reject your application if somebody opposes it or without giving you reasons for the rejection. While neighbours cannot stop you carrying out the conversion, they can influence how and when the work is carried out. It is uncommon for your neighbours to have an issue with the conversion, if you explain the aspects of the loft conversion to them in a timely manner.

If your neighbour declines the loft conversion you intend to carry out, then an independent council mediator would need to step in. The council mediator will try to appease both parties to ensure your loft conversation can proceed.

Generally, the council should notify you of their decision within eight to ten weeks of submission. This period can vary across local municipalities.

Each local council will have a building control office whose role it is to ensure that any building work conforms to national building regulations. We will work closely with your local building inspector in your stead to ensure that your conversion receives a completion certificate.