InHouseConcepts specializes in a wide variety of construction, from loft conversions to timber construction, timber staircase installation and much more. For more information on our Timber construction & timber staircase installation, contact us today!

We specialize in loft conversions, timber construction, dry walling/ceilings and minor alterations and have been carrying out this type of work for 10 years. The expertise within InHouseConcepts varies from Carpenters, Architects, Engineers, and qualified Plumbers to Electricians. InHouseConcepts knows that you are only as good as the team carrying out the work.

The new structure will not be created on your existing roof trusses as they are not strong enough to carry the load. We will install new timber beams spanning from your load bearing walls to the eves of the roof, and create the floor on the new beams. The entire design will be supplied to us by an engineer and will be signed off by him once the work has been completed. We will modify any roof trusses that are in the way to open the space up to accommodate the new loft.

This depends upon the type/size of your conversion and the interior finishes that you would like done. However, we guarantee to complete the conversion within 6-10 weeks.

Any disturbance to the client is kept to a minimum. This may include dust and noise, when the initial structure is being installed, although the initial preparation takes place at our office in order to get the installation done as quickly and effectively as possible.

No, in most cases the bulk of the work is done through the roof, whereby roof tiles are removed to get the timber in and replaced once done. We try to cause as little disruption to your home as possible.

All timber that InHouseConcepts uses has been treated by means of tantalization.  This means it has been treated for many applications involving exposure to the elements, such as water, termites and wood beetle. Timber treatment is under strict regulation by the NHBRC and all timber used is approved by the SABS.

Generally all timber that is used for the structure of loft conversions is treated pine, for the sole purpose of its durability against the elements. You may request to use a timber of your choice for the finishes.

We have a number of roof window suppliers that we use. There are a number of windows available for selection to suit your needs and budget.

Each and every roof is different in shape and design, thus we are happy to give you a free, no-obligation quotation.

We have a team of experienced electricians and plumbers, who can advise you to get the best possible solution for your new loft.

Absolutely, we have many satisfied customers that have said we are more than welcome to bring clients to view their loft conversions.

There is a site foreman on site at all times. The director will do site visits on a regular basis to ensure you get exactly what has been discussed. You will be informed on a daily basis on the progress for that day.

You are required to get plans for the loft conversions. We have and engineer that can design the structural aspects of your loft and an architect that will draw your plans and submit them to council.

All InHouseConcepts structures are covered by a 5 year structural guarantee.

Yes, we have full liability insurance to cover us for all works undertaken.

  • Bedrooms
  • Playrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Study
  • Entertainment rooms
  •  Free no obligation quote
  • Architectural designed loft conversion & planning permission via local council offices
  • Engineering services
  • Loft conversions
  • Timber construction
  • Timber/ Steel Staircase Installation
  • Dorma/Roof windows
  • Roof insulation
  • Cladding and skimming all surfaces
  • Minor alterations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Plumbers and Electricians