Make your Loft Easily Accessible with Loft Stairs Installation

If you have a loft space and are looking to make it more accessible, then InHouseConcepts can provide you with quality loft stairs installation.

As specialists in loft conversions, we can enhance your attic space to create a new room that can be used for entertainment, as well as a bedroom or for storage.

Added to this, we have seen increased demand for modern and flexible staircases that will add convenience without taking up too much space.

Our folding loft stairs are both stunning and stable, while offering easy access to your loft space.

At InHouseConcepts, we consult you throughout the entire design stage to ensure that we offer a personalised option that best suits your needs.

We will create a staircase that blends in with the style of your existing home, meaning that it will not look out of place when extended, and folding it away is a fast and simple process.

Once folded away, they will fit snugly into the ceiling and will be barely noticeable, while they can be pulled down as and when you require access to your loft area.

When making use of InHouseConcepts, you can expect the highest level of service and craftsmanship. Our skilled team is escorted to the property by our project manager, who will oversee the installation process and ensure that all work meets our strict standards.

We can also provide loft conversions and alterations to turn your attic space into a liveable area by maximising all of the space available. We build the framework to fit into the ceiling, before sealing off the room with gypsum board as well as installing high quality wooden flooring.

So whether you are just looking for loft stairs installation, or require a full loft conversion, talk to the experts at InHouseConcepts today and they will provide you with a range of options to choose from.

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