We Offer Retractable Folding Ladders Installations

Whether you are looking to free up room, or just require a more convenient way to access your loft or attic space, then retractable folding ladders installations available through InHouseConcepts are perfect for you.

We are experts in creating steel and wooden staircases as well as folding loft ladders, ensuring that you get the highest quality at the best possible price.

We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure that they get a modern, stylish and personalised staircase that will perfectly suit their home and needs.

We have put together an interior staircase department made up of a team of specialists that are solely focused on quality products and installations.

Our folding ladders can quickly and easily retract, while when they are folded away they will fit perfectly into the ceiling, ensuring that it is barely noticeable. This ensures that you always have convenient access to the area, without sacrificing the large amount of space that a permanent staircase would take.

All of our staircases are made from the highest quality materials – which means that they will last for years to come and require minimal maintenance.

Along with fitting folding loft ladders, we can also provide you with loft conversion services to modernise the dark, cramped space into a liveable room.

Once completed, your renovated loft can be used for a variety of purposes, whether you require an extra bedroom, a quiet office space or simply want an easily accessible storage area that is quick to access and organise.

Throughout the installation process, a project manager will be present to oversee the work done by our skilled and experienced team so that the finished product meets your high expectations.

To find out more about retractable folding ladders installations, contact a consultant at InHouseConcepts today and they will gladly provide more information as well as supply you with an obligation free quote on your project.

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