In Need Of Retractable Ladder Installations?

Look No Further Than InHouseConcepts…

At InHouseConcepts you can get retractable ladder installations at affordable prices. Our focus has always been on providing clients with the highest quality at the best possible prices.

We have completed loft conversions around the Western Cape that have totally transformed homes by providing a new, liveable and modern space for clients to make use of.

Our retractable ladders are also popular options when it comes to accessing these spaces, due to the unrivalled flexibility that they offer.

Instead of taking up a large amount of space with a permanent staircase, retractable ladder installations allow you to minimise the amount of space used. This is because our ladders conveniently fold into the ceiling when not in use, and will be barely noticeable.

They are also quickly and easily expanded to ensure that you can gain access to the space whenever you need to.

At InHouseConcepts, we have assembled an interior staircase department which is comprised of a full team of specialists. They will oversee each step of the design and installation to ensure that the product meets your high standards, and fits perfectly into your home.

Along with providing easy access to your loft, InHouseConcepts can also provide professional loft conversions, which will turn your dark and stuffy attic into your own personal paradise. Our expert builders will maximise the space available and create a modern space which you can use as a bedroom, office, entertainment room or a storage area.

When making use of this service, you are given choice on the finish used on the timber flooring as well as the colour that you want the room painted.

If you would like to find out more about retractable ladder installations, loft conversions or any of our other services, contact a consultant at InHouseConcepts today and they will provide you with more information.

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