Free Up Space with Loft Conversions

Over the years, your home may seem to shrink as you accumulate more goods without the space changing. However, at InHouseConcepts we can help your house evolve with your life with our Loft Conversions.

Running out of space can be a frustrating situation, as you either take on hefty storage costs to keep goods that you don’t use regularly, or end up getting rid of things that you would prefer to keep.

This is where our unique loft conversions can come in handy; opening up tremendous space for you to make use of.

InHouseConcepts does this by turning your unused attic space into a comfortable, spacious area for personal use.

There are various benefits to making use of loft conversions, with one of them being the fact that you can create an extra, functional bedroom.

Whether you have children that are getting older and require separate spaces, or suddenly find yourself in need of another room to accommodate other family members or friends, this service is ideal.

We have a range of concepts for you to choose from where you can create a living space that is stylish and comfortable. Depending on the size, we can create full living spaces that include a sleeping area and full bathroom, or even just a cosy entertainment area where you can host guests.

We do this by maximising the often unused space between your ceiling and roof, with our expert craftsman laying high quality flooring and custom walls to fit the shape of the area. We also take care of the necessary plumbing and electrical work to ensure that it is a fully operational space, not just a closed shell.

To find out more about the loft conversions available through InHouseConcepts, contact a consultant today and they will gladly provide more information as well as an obligation free quote.

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