Do you need Loft Alterations? InHouseConcepts are the best

Are you running out of space in your home, or want to create a new area to use? Loft alterations is the answer, and at InHouseConcepts, you can get the best results at the best prices.

We are timber specialists and can provide loft alterations, roof insulation and more. Our staff are all well-trained and skilled allowing them to quickly and efficiently maximise spaces and create comfortable new areas within your home.

Loft alterations can be used to create extra storage space, a new bedroom or even an entertainment area. We can also install retractable folding ladders into your ceiling so that you have easy access when required.

With our Loft Alterations we create these spaces by building framework into your dry walls and ceiling, which is then covered with gypsum boards. It is worked to a perfect finish and then painted in a colour of your choice.

You can also choose the finish to your newly installed timber floors, while the Isotherm insulation helps deal with the heat in the roof to ensure that the space is comfortable at all times.

The whole process, from initial designs and drawings, to the finished build will be handled by the experts at InHouseConcepts. We also keep you in the loop at every stage so that the final build meets your specific expectations.

We also assist with advice in making sure that you are in line with national building regulations. However, at InHouseConcepts we make sure that all of our work will comply with and exceed the standard set by engineers and local building bylaws – with our project manager being onsite to ensure that the highest level of workmanship is provided.

Find out more about our loft alterations today by contacting a consultant at InHouseConcepts and they will gladly assist in tailoring a quote for your desired project.

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