Convert Your Attic into an Extra Room with Our Attic Conversions

At InHouseConcepts, we prove that there is no reason to be afraid of what is in the attic, as we turn this dark and dingy dungeon into a personal paradise with our Attic Conversions.

Our attic conversions will ensure that this wasted space is no longer an area that is ventured into every few years.

Most people are simply unaware of how much space they are wasting just above their heads, as you essentially are able to increase the size of your home by a full room.

This means that not only are you provided with a lot more space, but your home’s value will also be enhanced.

As specialists in attic conversion, we can create a space that you can use for a variety of purposes. Whether you want a quiet office space, a bedroom for your teenager or just a storage area that is easily accessible and organised, we can assist.

Our expert builders will assess the space available and put together a design that will maximise every inch available.

Once you agree to the plans and decide on the finishes that you want, we will get to work on building the framework into your attic. Once the gypsum boards are fitted and finished, and your new timber flooring has been installed, you can immediately take advantage of the new room on offer.

We also send a project manager to oversee the entire process to ensure that we meet the set deadlines and that our strict quality guidelines are adhered to.

To get an idea on what your attic conversion will look like, feel free to browse through the gallery on our website now.

You can also contact a consultant at InHouseConcepts now for more information on our attic conversions, and they will arrange for an obligation free quote to be sent to you on your desired project.

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